Shifa Surgery

Bangor Street Health Centre, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 6DY

Year 2


In Year 2 students continue to learn and consolidate essential skills alongside
 studying modules “Mind and Movement” and “Nutrition and Metabolism”. The Year 2 PEP is a poster based assessment where teams work on a poster collaboratively.

Learning Outcomes – 
At the end of Phase 1, Year 2 PEP the student will be able to:

  • Apply a search strategy as a team to search the scientific literature in a group selected shared topic of interest. This includes optimization of the search methods through group consensus.
  • Appraise the quality of the evidence retrieved from the search strategy and review the strategy in light of its success or failure in retrieving evidence relevant to the topic.
  • Compare evidence from different scientific perspectives applied to medicine (biological, physical, behavioural and social sciences) where relevant to the topic chosen.
  • Explain how different scientific perspectives can contribute to forming an evidence base in medicine
  • Synthesize and summarize the evidence retrieved that is relevant to the topic
  • Explain how evidence can be applied in clinical practice, understanding the strengths and limitations of such application, making special reference to the group’s early clinical experiences
  • Act as a teacher to their peers, supervisors and a lay audience using both printed and verbal communication in:

     i.  The design and production of an engaging poster using defined criteria, making good use of different methods of displaying information
ii. The presentation of a poster and responding to questions by peers or supervisors
iii. Summarise the poster clearly and concisely in lay terms

  • Recognise and demonstrate how he/she functions effectively as a team member through:

     i.  Discussion and appraisal of the contributions of team members
ii.  Contributing to group discussion to reach agreement about topic choice
iii. Contribution to group decisions about priorities and tasks, followed by assignment to individuals and setting of deadlines
iv. The articulation of personal and other students’ strengths and limitations within a team (considering creative, IT, and leadership)
v. Contributing to agreeing as a team the most relevant information to produce an effective poster

A range of support documents are included on the Student Download page