Health Check-ups

Newly registered patients, patients aged 40 or over and patients who have not had a health check up in the past three years have the right to request a health check consultation with our Healthcare Assistant at the Practice.

We would either give you a call or send out invites for you to book an appointment, alternatively, please call reception to arrange an appointment.


Chronic Disease Management

If you have a long-term chronic condition that needs monitoring on a regular basis, the Practice will contact you to book an appointment for your review with the Practice Nurse or a clinician either by telephone or post.  You may receive a text message to remind you of your appointment. 

It is important to continue your regular check-ups and attend your appointments to ensure we carry on with the right care.  We hold regular clinics to manage chronic diseases in the surgery and can also book you in at Barbara Castle Way during outside the normal working hours.

If you are unable to attend, please ensure you cancel your appointment so that we may able to offer the appointment to other patients.