Foundation Year Doctors

Shifa Surgery Ltd provides opportunities for Foundation Doctor placements. Foundation Doctors are fully qualified doctors who rotate around various specialties to increase their experience. Some of them may choose to go onto do further training to become a GP whereas others may become surgeons or specialist doctors in a hospital setting. Each Foundation Doctor will be with us for a 4 month placement. They will be closely supervised and assessed throughout their time with us. They will have longer appointment times.

GP Registrars

A GP Registrar is a fully qualified, experienced doctor who is completing a further 3 years training in order to become a GP. GP Registrars have daily surgeries (often with longer appointment times), undertake home visits and help with on-call doctor duties. Their placements with us vary in length, depending on their stage of training, from 4 months to over 12 months. They are supervised and assessed on a regular basis. Patients may, on occasion, be asked whether they mind having their consultation videoed for assessment purposes and/or to complete patient satisfaction questionnaires.

Medical Students

Shifa Surgery Ltd enthusiastically accepts medical students to support those training to become doctors. Patients are made aware of students sitting in with GPs, observing a surgery or may be asked to take their history of their problem and present to their supervisor before seeing the doctor as part of their training. 

We currently take Year 3-5 medical students from UCLAN, Lancaster Unversity and Manchester University.

Patients retain the right to decline helping with assessment & training, however, we find that our patients are generally happy to assist in the education and training of our future health professionals. For those who are happy to see the medical student, we are very grateful for your help.

Student Nurse Placements

Shifa Surgery Ltd also provide training to Year 1-3 Student Nurses from UCLAN.  This helps students to be exposed to General Practice to increase their knowledge and practices.  This would help them to choose in which setting they would like to pursue after graduating.  Student Nurses are in placement between 8-10 weeks.  They are supervised by experienced Practice Nurse mentors who would help chronic disease management patients, you may be seen by the student initially before consulting with their mentor.  All our trainees are supervised during clinics.

Yet again, it is entirely your choice whether you would like to be seen by a trainee, however, we appreciate you are helping the trainees to become competent and excel in their futures.

Physician Associates

Physician Associates are now becoming a vital addition to the ever increasing workforce in the NHS.  Physician associates (PAs) are healthcare professionals with a generalist medical education who work alongside doctors  providing medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. PAs work under the supervision of a doctor but can work autonomously with appropriate support.


Recognition & Achievements

Dr Tanveer Ahmed has been a GP Trainer for over 10 years.  We have increased a GP Trainer in Dr Sameer Nakedar since 2020.

We have also supported 3 GP's to complete FY2 supervisor mentorship.

Two of our Practice Nurses are Nurse Mentors who supervise the student nurses.

We also encourage all our staff members to excel in their role in any capacity, we are pleased to say 2 of our Practice Nurses are now training up to become Advanced Clinical Practitioners.